Thursday, November 25, 2010

just another day

... Just another day without El

Though today is thanksgiving I am not really acknowledging it. I have a hard time admitting being thankful for anything lately. Even so, I can't deny that there are things I am thankful for, the most being Elliott. But, I don't need a holiday to state that. I am thankful for Elliott's love and his presence in my life each and every second of everyday. I'm thankful to be loved unconditionally my the most amazing and handsome man I've ever met in my life...

I refuse to claim this day as my first holiday without El. I figure that if I'm not celebrating then it doesn't count. You can call it "widow logic."

1 comment:

  1. i will. "widow logic." it makes perfect sense. it is just before 7 am and i am about ready to head off to work. i am grateful for the job. i am terrified to be in this position. i am stressing that i do well enough for them to keep me. Thanksgiving was just another day in a long line of days without my Dragon.

    Elliot is blessed to have had you as much as you are blessed to have had him. thankful every day of our lives for our husbands before their deaths. holding them close in our hearts now that they are gone. Thanksgiving is just another day for people to express what we already knew. being thankful for the magic in our lives, the people we love. our love is now for someone no one but us can see.

    love and light to you. and peace.